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Mission Statement
Arbor Creek Community Website
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Here we will explain the mission of our website...

Website Mission

The purpose of our Arbor Creek Community Website is to share information of interest to the neighborhood. While many new communities have associations which can organize and provide services, Arbor Creek does not and since we all have busy lives this format is an easy way to dispense information we hope will be useful and interesting, sometimes even just plain fun.


The primary goal of the website is to introduce new neighbors to the community. Sharing some details about our families and neighborhood so that friendships can be quickly formed speeding up the "getting to know you" part of moving into a new home. The website can also be a place for announcements, stories, recipes, concerns, gossip, ideas, information and requests for help.



For many of us this was a first home purchase and by sharing our experiences and ideas we will be able to help each other improve this community and shape it into the place we all want to live in. This is OUR community and so it is only right that this  also be OUR website. Submit whatever you'd like to put into the website and make it truly a community project.


For a community to be whole and
healthy, it must be based on people's
love and concern for each other.
                                          Millard Fuller


Arbor Creek has all the makings of a wonderful community and we hope that the website will be a helpful tool to make that happen.

Great Neighbors Make A Great Neighborhood